Newborns are Jessica’s absolute favorite to photograph. She loves to capture the tiny little features. From the little button nose to the tiny little toes. Newborns are best photographed with in the first two weeks. The “fresher” they are the better! Any later and we start to lose that squishy, bendy, newborn and risk baby acne. Of course you have to play it by ear and do what is best for you and your new little one.

Newborn sessions take place in the studio.  Please be prepared for a possible lengthy session…some newborn sessions can run up to 2 hours and I allow up to 4 hours…we work on baby time…with diaper changes, feedings, rocking the baby, etc.
Often newborns and babies can be fussy so I ask moms to be prepared to be in some portraits. I know some parents are not excited about being in the portraits. Please know that I can photograph around not having a full frontal, facial portrait of the parents, but still capture the bond between parent and baby!! Newborn session fee is $150